Kanban Maturity Model 2nd Edition


Kanban Maturity Model release 1.2 brings what you need to develop organizational agility, resilience, reinvention, and greater customer satisfaction.

What you will find in the new book is:
  • Descriptions of the 3 pillars of KMM: Culture, Practices, Outcomes
  • Descriptions of the 7 organizational maturity levels in terms of cultural values, management practices and business outcomes
  • Implementation guidelines for the 150+ Kanban practices mapped to the 7 maturity levels
  • Thorough recommendations for managing dependencies
  • Evolutionary Change Model to guide your journey to business agility
  • Coaching guidelines for overcoming the typical barriers to adopting service-oriented culture and building enterprise resilience, reinvention, and customer satisfaction
  • Mathematical foundation for understanding and using correctly lead time, triage tables and cost of delay.
  • A real-world case study showing how to get started and use the model for developing organizational agility without any structural change.

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