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In terms of global adoption, the Kanban Method developed by David J. Anderson is the second most used agile method after Scrum. It is a method for evolutionary change that not only improves the management and flow of work but also evolves organizational maturity for greater business agility, resilience, and customer satisfaction.


Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business‘ was authored by David J. Anderson over 10 years ago is in the top 5 best-selling Agile books of all time.


Recently published, the 2nd edition of the Kanban Maturity Model, authored by David J. Anderson and Teodora Bozheva, is the playbook for companies, coaches, consultants, and change agents to achieve greater business agility, resilience, and superior business outcomes.

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Kanban Maturity Model

2nd Edition

David J. Anderson & Teodora Bozheva

The Kanban Maturity Model has everything you need to develop organizational agility, resilience, reinvention, and greater customer satisfaction. 


Start with what you are doing now and evolve your organization to a higher maturity level with codified practices for each level from 0-6, this is the playbook to evolve organizational maturity & implementing Kanban practices successfully. 

Fit for Purpose

2nd Edition

David J. Anderson & Alexei Zheglov

This book will help you better manage products and services in relation to your customers’ purpose. Identifying new market segments, and delivering greater customer satisfaction.


The Fit for Purpose framework and book help product owners and managers create products and services that are fit for purpose and significantly increase customer value.

Kanban "Blue Book"

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

David J. Anderson

In the top 5 of Agile books ever written. The Kanban Method is the catalyst for cultural change and enables greater business agility in professional services.  

Written 10 years ago this is still one of our top-selling books and a must-have for anybody taking training or interested in the Kanban Method.



Essential Kanban Condensed

David J. Anderson & Andy Carmichael

Available in Print or Free Digital Download 

This takes everything you’ve learned from the Kanban “Blue Book” and distills it into an easy-to-use format. It is really handy for referencing the key principles and practices of the Kanban Method, as authored by David J. Anderson.  This is also a great refresher book for anybody who already knows their stuff and just wants an overview of the key themes and what they mean. 

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Essential Upstream Kanban

Patrick Steyaert

Available in Print or Free Digital Download 

Ideas for fulfilling customer needs can be generated much faster than they can actually be realized. This is the source of much tension between the organization and its customers, but also within the organization itself.


Upstream Kanban isn’t so much about “managing flow,” as seen with downstream, Delivery Kanban systems. Instead, it is about marshaling options–having enough choices at the right time, without overburdening the system and the workers who generate those options.


Discover the mechanisms of Upstream Kanban and Customer Kanban for better enterprise business agility.


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Kanban From the Inside

Mike Burrows

Available in Digital & Print 

“I set myself the task of describing the ‘humane, start with what you do now approach to change’ not as a productivity tool, but as a management method built around a strong framework of values—a way to help organizations work better for their people, their customers, and other stakeholders.”
— Mike Burrows, author

Digital Editions

Print Edition

Kanban from the inside

Kanban from the Inside – Mike Burrows, Paperback from Amazon 

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Stop Starting Start Finishing

Arne Roock

Available in Digital & Print 


This booklet tells the story of Justin – a project manager who achieved remarkable results with his team by doing very simple things! This guide covers the core concepts of Kanban for knowledge work, and shows how limiting your amount of work-in-progress can lead to getting things done better and faster.

Digital Editions

More Kanban Books

Kanban: Verstehen, einführen, anwenden (German Edition)

Mike Burrows

Mike Burrows vermittelt in diesem Buch einen neuen Ansatz, Kanban zu verstehen und einzusetzen. 

Er beschreibt die Methode von innen heraus anhand von neun Werten, wodurch er den Prinzipien und Praktiken Kanbans ein starkes Gerüst verleiht. Die Werte bieten ein effizientes Instrument, um die Umsetzung der Kanban-Vorgehensweise zu beurteilen und so anhaltende Veränderungen zu erzielen.
Kanban Change Leadership: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Klaus Leopald

Explains how and why Kanban offers a new approach to change in 21st Century businesses.

This book provides an understanding of what is necessary to properly understand change management with Kanban as well as how to apply it optimally in the workplace. The book emphasizes critical aspects, several traps that users repeatedly fall into, and presents some practical guidelines for Kanban change management to help avoid these traps.
Kanban in der IT: Eine Kultur der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung schaffen

Klaus Leopald

Die Kanban-Mechanik anzuwenden, ist nicht schwer. Damit eine Kultur kontinuierlicher Verbesserung anzustoßen, schon. 

Wie das geht, zeigt dieses Buch. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie Kanban bestmöglich mit Change und Leadership-Know-how kombinieren. Und lernen an konkreten Praxisbeispielen, mit welchen Werkzeugen Sie Kanban erfolgreich in Ihr Unternehmen einführen können.
The Scrumban [R]Evolution

Aja Reddy

Create Thriving, High-Performing Teams, and Organizations with Scrumban.


Scrumban allows you to use Kanban as a catalyst for increasingly valuable changes to your existing software development processes, amplifying and expanding upon Scrum’s benefits. Now, there’s a definitive guide to Scrumban that explains what it is (and isn’t), how and why it works, and how to use it to improve both team and organizational performance.

Kanban für die Softwareentwicklung 

Thomas Epping

In dem Band wird das Vorgehensmodell Kanban und sein Einsatz in Softwareentwicklungsprojekten beschrieben. 


Neben einem Überblick über die Grundlagen, Werte und Elemente von Kanban bietet das Buch einen praktischen Teil mit Beispielen für konkrete Techniken und einem Erfahrungsbericht. Dabei wird Kanban hinsichtlich typischer Phasen und Rollen in einem Softwareentwicklungsprojekt beleuchtet (Requirements Engineering, Entwicklung, Qualitätssicherung und Projektmanagement). Jedes Kapitel enthält Hinweise auf weiterführende Literatur.


The Lean Change

Jeff Anderson

Managing Agile Organizational Transformation Using Kanban, Kotter, and Lean Startup Thinking.


The Lean Change Method is a practical how-to guide for anyone wanting to transform their technology business. Co-Create Your Change The Lean Change method will teach you collaborative and innovative techniques to manage Agile change. Validate Your Transformation Learn how to systematically test your change plan and iterate based on just-in-time feedback.

Card Wall
User Guide

Jeff Anderson

Create Thriving, High-Performing Teams and Organizations with Scrumban.


This short e-book is your companion’s quick look-up guide to using a card wall in Kanban. The book contains instructions and guidance on how to use your Kanban system’s card wall. How to run daily stand-ups, how to manage blockers, what does the Input column do? How to set limits? The book is fully illustrated with simple step-by-step instructions and guidance.


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