Kanban Maturity Model

Kanban Maturity Model - 2nd Edition

The Kanban Maturity Model has everything you need to develop organizational agility, resilience, reinvention, and greater customer satisfaction.  Start with what you are doing now and evolve your organization to a higher maturity level with codiƒied practices ƒor each KMM maturity level ƒrom 0-6.


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To purchase from Amazon in Brazil, please purchase the Professional Coaches’ Edition below. Please also check your countries Amazon store. 

Kanban Maturity Model - Professional Coaches' Edition

This is the professional coaches’ edition of the 2nd edition of the KMM book and includes additional content in the appendix including the Vanguard case study and the mapping W. Edward Deming’s 14 point system for management.   Currently available from Amazon in Brazil (priced for Brazil) U.S, Australia and the Netherlands. 

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Additional Content Includes:
  • Vanguard Case Study
  • Mapping W. Edward Demmings’ 14 point management system to the Kanban Maturity Model

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