Essential Kanban Condensed

David J. Anderson and Andy Carmichael

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This takes everything you’ve learned from the Kanban “Blue Book” and distills it into an easy-to-use format. It is really handy for referencing the key principles and practices of the Kanban Method, as authored by David J. Anderson.  This is also a great refresher book for anybody who may already know their stuff or just wants an overview of the key themes and what they mean. 

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Essential Upstream Kanban

Patrick Steyaert

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Ideas for fulfilling customer needs can be generated much faster than they can actually be realized. This is the source of much tension between the organization and its customers, but also within the organization itself.


Upstream Kanban isn’t so much about “managing flow,” as seen with downstream, Delivery Kanban systems. Instead, it is about marshaling options–having enough choices at the right time, without overburdening the system and the workers who generate those options.


Discover the mechanisms of Upstream Kanban and Customer Kanban for better enterprise business agility.


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Lessons in Agile Management

On the Road to Kanban

David J. Anderson

The missing link in the evolution of Kanban - From its roots in Agile


Published in 2014, Lessons in Agile Management is a compendium of anecdotes and epiphanies from David J. Anderson on his journey to define the Kanban Method as it is known today.


David J. Anderson developed the Kanban Method over years spent managing and coaching Agile development teams at companies such as Sprint, Motorola and Microsoft by integrating Lean thinking with Agile principles and practices.  Lessons in Agile Management collects over 12 years of experience in organizational Agile transformations.


Lessons in Agile Management includes discoveries in:

  • Leadership
  • The role of the manager in Agile development
  • Agile Transitions
  • Tribal Behaviour
  • Challenges with Human resources
  • Understanding Agile Values and Principles
  • Flow and Variability
  • Managing Bottlenecks
  • Estimation and Metrics
  • Lean Software Development

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