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Kanban Maturity Model

2nd Edition

David J. Anderson & Teodora Bozheva

The Kanban Maturity Model has everything you need to develop organizational agility, resilience, reinvention, and greater customer satisfaction. 


Start with what you are doing now and evolve your organization to a higher maturity level with codified practices for each level from 0-6, this is the playbook to evolve organizational maturity & implementing Kanban practices successfully. 

Fit for Purpose

2nd Edition

David J. Anderson & Alexei Zheglov

This book will help you better manage products and services in relation to your customers’ purpose. Identifying new market segments, and delivering greater customer satisfaction.


The Fit for Purpose framework and book help product owners and managers create products and services that are fit for purpose and significantly increase customer value.

Kanban "Blue Book"

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

David J. Anderson

In the top 5 of Agile books ever written. The Kanban Method is the catalyst for cultural change and enables greater business agility in professional services.  

Written 10 years ago this is still one of our top-selling books and a must-have for anybody taking training or interested in the Kanban Method.



Kanban From the Inside

Mike Burrows

Available in Digital & Print 

“I set myself the task of describing the ‘humane, start with what you do now approach to change’ not as a productivity tool, but as a management method built around a strong framework of values—a way to help organizations work better for their people, their customers, and other stakeholders.”
— Mike Burrows, author

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